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Witsand Nature Reserve

2 Day Tour
Witsand is a scenic park, teeming with birds and the famous home of the Brulsand or Roaring Sand of the Kalahari. Read more...

Augrabies Falls National Park

2 Day Tour
Augrabies is where the mighty Orange river is at its most impressive. Read more...

Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park

One of the world's last truly unspoiled eco systems...

3.1 Kgalagadi 3days / 2nights
3.2 Kgalagadi 4days / 3nights
3.3 Kgalagadi 5days / 4nights
3.4 Kgalagadi 6days / 5nights

Namaqualand / West Coast

This is real space of adventure...

4.1 Namaq/Westcoast - 5days
4.2 Namaq/Westcoast - 6days
4.3 Namaq Flower Trial - 5days

Augrabies, Richtersveld, Namaqualand & Westcoast

9 Day Tour

A celebration of Namaqualand flowers, landscape and ephemeral species.
Kgalagadi, Mabusehube & Botswana
- 4x4 Wilderness

6.1 Wilderness 4x4 Trial 1
6.2 Wilderness 4x4 Trial 2
Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park, Namibia
10 Day/ 9nights

Some of the most stunning landscapes in Africa.
Ai Ais, Richtersveld, Namibia, Naukluft Park & Kgalagadi.
11Days / 10 nights

Namibia, the sceleton coast & Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park.

16 Days/ 15 nights

Namibia, Botswana & Vic Falls.

15 Days / 14 nights

Botswana wildlife tour or selfdrive tour 5 vehicles.

11.1 Botswana wildlife tour
11.2 Botswana / Kgalagadi
Zambia & Blue wildebeest 5 vehicle, selfdrive tour.

20 Days / 19 nights

Best time to travel; May to December.


This tour starts at Kasane in the Northern part of Botswana, at the border between Botswana and Zambia, and went through (6) national parks; visit; Sioma National Park, Liuwa Plain National Park, Kafue National Park, , South Luangwa National Park, Lake Tanganyika, Lake Mweru Wanitipa and Lake Mweru, Lower Zambezi National Park and Victoria Falls.

Border formalities.
There are formalities to adhere before we will allow into Zambia. The group must know we cannot take any row meat, fruit, vegetables and wood products over the border when we cross the border from Zambia back to Botswana.

A yellow fever certificate is mandatory if you are travelling from an infected area. Malaria is virulent in the low-lying areas of the tour, which include most of the wildlife destinations. Water in these areas must been boiled before drinking, except in bigger towns and lodges. Medical insurance should be take out before leaving home, or make sure that is in order for the trip. Drugs and medicine with out a valid prescription can be a problem

You need a passport that is still valid for six months, this document must be undamaged and the information and photo must be clearly visible. There must also enough space left in the passport for entry / exit stamps to be clearly visible. Always double check that you passport is stamp by the immigration officer before you left the office, other wise you are illegal in the country, and you have to take the consequences. Visas into this country are payable by non-commonwealth visitors except the UK, can be paid at the border. All borders are open from 6h00 – 18h00

This refers to the vehicle, goods, baggage and equipment you wish to import. You have to declare every thing; if any thing you have mentioned and not allowed into the country, it will be confiscated. There is a limitation on the amount of beer, spirits, and cigarettes. Your vehicle documents must be valid. Vehicle and drivers licenses must not expire during the tour, make sure you are safe. Do not buy animals or wood products, that can gave you at the border many problems, Firearms, ammunition and explosives are not allowed with out necessary documents

Make sure that you vehicle documents are valid, and is road worthy for the trip. If you are not the owner of the vehicle, you must have the authority to take it over the border. And a police clearance certificate Petrol, both diesel and petrol are available in all towns and intermittently in small villages, take some extra jerry cans of fuel on this trip, because we drive through areas that have not fuel. The vehicle must have, triangles, reflectors front and rear, extra spear wheels or spare tubes due to the condition of the roads, and essential spares and breakdown equipment and spare water. Many of the villages along the main roads offer tire-mending services, at a very reasonable price. Third party insurance and road tax fee are one of the last documents you must have before you can finally enter the country. Make sure that you stick to the law, if you get a fine you have to pay immediately. We stay to the convoy protocol all the time during the tour. Stops will be planned for the route.

It is not possible to give a recipe on how to solve all the different situations that may be encountered, but a calm, relaxed attitude can definitely help to solve that problem peaceful. Leave the negotiations to the tour leader to solve the problem .

Where chalets, tents or meals are available, that, is for own costs. We met at Senyati Safari Camp This private camp is on the A33 road between Nata and Kazangulu Border post 8 km before Kazangulu. This camp is a lodge, with chalets, campsites, near the Chobe National Park, and has his own waterhole, which are visit by numerous big game. Accommodation at Senyati camp; Camp/Chalet

DAY 1..
In the morning, we go into Kasane to synchronize all the 29mhz at Radio communication Equipment wholesaler and shop. We re-fuel and get some snacks for the trip. In the afternoon, we hand out the groceries and pack vehicles for readiness for the expedition.
Accommodation; Senyati camp; Camp or chalet.
Meals; Breakfast and Dinner supplied by RS and prepared by the group.

DAY 2.
After breakfast we depart to Kazungula Borderpost, cross the Zambezi river on a ferry in to Zambia.From here we drive on the M10 tarred road in a west direction al along the Zambezi river through Seseke, from here we drive on a fairly good gravel road some times slip to Sioma Ngwezi National Park. On the way to the park we get the Kachekabwe, Manyekanga, Kasanga Ngambwe rapids and Ngonye falls. This park is 5000sq km in the southwestern corner of the country, is unfenced and allowing free movement of animals between Zambia, Namibia and Botswana. This park is home to over 3000 elephants, and several species like roan, sable wild dog, cheetah, puku, impala and zebra.
Accommodation; Sioma River camp. or Soma Bush camp.
Meals; Breakfast and Dinner supplied by RS and prepared by the group.

DAY 3.
After breakfast, we drive on the M10 gravel road to Sitoti where we cross the Zambezi River on the Mangweshi ferry (somewhat unreliable and pricey).to Sinanga through the Barotse flood plans to Mongu. Here we full up fuel, fresh food, water, and check the vehicle.
Accommodation; Dolphin lodge.
Meals; Breakfast and Dinner supplied by RS and prepared by group

DAY 4, 5, 6,
After breakfast, we drive through the 50 km Barotse floodplain and cross the Zambezi River on a ferry till we get a bad tar road to Kalabo. Here in Kalabo is no fuel. In Kalabo we stamp our passports and get the permits for the Liuwa plain National park. After we fill up the water tanks with fresh water we cross the Luanginga River on a ferry to the Southern part of the park. We drive through to Kwale in the park, here we stay in a bush camp, and from here we split the convoy in smaller groups to explore the Liuwa plains. We are aloud to drive around in the park because there are no roads in this park. But with The park map that we get at the parks gate and the GPS or a guide that will bring us back to the bush camp, every day.
Accommodation; Matamanene Bush camp.
Meals; Breakfast and dinner supplied by RS and prepared by the group

DAY 7.
After breakfast we drive to Kalabo cross the Zambezi through the Barotsi flood pans, where we past the home of the Lozi King when he move ceremonial on macro’s from his winter place to this summer place from there back to Mongu. Here we fill up with fuel and food.
Accommodation; Country Lodge.
Meals; Dinner at own costs.

DAY 8.
After breakfast we depart on the M9 road, we fill up with petrol at Kaoma from there we drive to Kafue National Park and enter the park at Tateyoyo gate from there to Mukambi Safari lodge, Boat trips can be taken on the Kafue river
Accommodation; Mukambi Safari lodge
Meals; Breakfast and dinner supplied by RS and prepared by the group.

DAY 9, 10,
After breakfast, we depart to Busanga plains the jewel of this park. This is a wide flood plain which is inundated for much of the year, generating expanses of grazing and lush water meadows for thousands of red lechwe and cape buffalo, and a beautifully birdlife.
Accommodation; Busanga Bush camp.
Meals; Breakfast and dinner supplied by RS and prepared by the group.

DAY. 11.
After breakfast we depart back in a south direction to Mc Bride’s camp to Mumbwa on the D181 gravel road. Here is petrol, and then to the M9 to Lusaka, from here we depart south east to Lower Zambezi National Park
Accommodation; Lower Zambezi River Camp
Meals; Restaurant own cost.

After breakfast we depart to Chongwe Gate and explore the 4092 sq km Lower Zambezi National Park all along the valley floor where most of the game is concentrated.
Accommodation; Old Mondoro Camp.
Meals; Breakfast and dinner supplied by RS and prepared by the group.

DAY. 13.
After breakfast we depart on the off road to Luangwa Boma gravel road at the border between Zambia and Mozambioque, then north on that gravel road to the T4 road on this road to Petauke, is petrol/diesel. Then to Isibaki, Msoro and Mfuwe, near South Luangwa National Park. We fill up fuel, fresch water, food, drinks and snacks.
Accommodation; Track & trail River camp. Chalet/campsites
Meals; Dinner own costs

DAY. 14.
After breakfast we depart through the Mfuwe bridge gate to the park. Here we explore the park along the river and drive north on the 05 road to Nsolo Camp.
Accommodation; Nsolo camp.
Meals; Breakfast and dinner supplied by RS and prepared by the group

After breakfast we drive on the 05 road further north to the Chinfungwe Gate from here we drive on the 05 gravel road to Munchinga at the T2 road. Here we turn north to Mpika, Kasama (petrol/diesel) up to Ndolo bay at the Lake Tanganyika. Boat trip is optional.
Accommodation; Ndolo camp./ Lodge
Meals; Breakfast and dinner supplied by RS prepared by the group.

DAY 16.
THURSDAY. After breakfast we depart around Lake Mweru Wantipa to Kaputa, Nkosahya, Mununga, to Lake Mweru to Kawambwa (petrol/diesel) to Mansa (petrol/diesel)
Accommodation; Mumbula falls wild camp
Meals; Breakfast and dinner supplied by RS prepared by the group

DAY. 17.
After breakfast we depart south east on the D451 road through the Kalasa Mukoso Flats to the T2 main road from there we drive south west to Kapiri-Mposhi on the T3 main road to Lusaka to Kafue
Accommodation; River Lodge Motel
Meals; Breakfast and dinner supplied by RS prepared by the group.

DAY 18.
After breakfast we depart on the T2 road to Chirundu visit the Chirundu fossil forest and turn to the Kariba dam wall. After the visit to the dam wall, we drive on an off road to Munyumbwe,
Accommodation; Over night camp.
Meals; Breakfast and dinner supplied by RS prepared by group.

DAY. 19
After breakfast, we drive on to the tar road to Sinazonwe from there to Choma, and to Mosi-Ao-Tunya National Park visit Victoria Falls. Here is the group free for the day to do Bungee jumping and site seen
Accommodation; The waterfront Lodge and tents (chalets & tents own costs)
Meals; Dinner and breakfast own costs

After breakfast we can do another sort site seen at Livingstone and museums’, and then we depart to Kasangula, cross the border to Botswana on the ferry, The group must know that we cannot take any row meat, fruit, vegetables and wood product over the border into Botswana.
Accommodation; Toro Lodge Chalets & camping
Meals; Breakfast and dinner supplied by RS prepared by group.

Here we can relax for the day and given feet back of the experience of the trip before we depart after breakfast to our destinations. Richter’s Safaris will make this wonderful expedition as smooth as possible for everyone on the tour TOUR PRICE. R p/p per day on request

*Important thing you need to know and have before you book a tour

Rates on request


Deposit. 50 % when reservations are confirm.
Balance 50 % - 40 days prior to commencement of tour

Accommodation as per itinerary. Meals as per itinerary.

Camping equipment. Bottle water, soft drinks, and alcoholic drinks. Own 4x4 vehicle. Two way radios Zartex The following must be taken, sun block, closed shoes, torch, insect repellant and personal toiletries.

State of health any dietary requirement (vegetarians etc.) Any special interest we must know.



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